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Canadian citizenship is an essential aspect of Canadian identity and holds great value for individuals and society. However, this value can be undermined when citizenship is used for fraudulent purposes or to advance the interests of other nations. To address these concerns, the Canadian government introduced the Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship Act, which received royal assent in 2014. This article examines the key provisions of the Act and its impact on Canadian citizenship.

Strengthening Citizenship Fraud Prevention Measures:

The Act has introduced significant measures to prevent citizenship fraud, which is a growing concern in Canada. It empowers immigration officers to investigate citizenship applications and revoke citizenship from those who obtained it fraudulently. The Act also provides for the confiscation of fraudulent citizenship certificates and introduces new penalties for those who facilitate citizenship fraud.

Enhancing Language Requirements:

One of the essential criteria for obtaining Canadian citizenship is language proficiency. The Act introduced new language requirements to ensure that individuals seeking citizenship can communicate effectively in either English or French. The new requirements are intended to promote better integration into Canadian society and strengthen the value of Canadian citizenship.

Strengthening Residency Requirements:

The Act introduced new residency requirements for citizenship applicants. Applicants must now spend at least four out of six years in Canada to be eligible for citizenship, an increase from the previous three out of four years. This change ensures that citizenship is only granted to those who have a genuine connection to Canada.

Strengthening the Revocation of Citizenship:

The Act also strengthens the revocation of Canadian citizenship for those who have committed serious crimes or are convicted of terrorism offenses. Previously, citizenship could only be revoked if it was obtained through fraud or misrepresentation. The new provisions allow citizenship to be revoked if a person is convicted of certain serious crimes or terrorism offenses.


The Strengthening the Value of Canadian Citizenship Act is an essential piece of legislation that protects the integrity of Canadian citizenship. The measures introduced in the Act ensure that citizenship is only granted to those who are genuinely committed to Canada’s values and interests. The Act also provides immigration officers with the necessary tools to investigate and prevent citizenship fraud. Overall, the Act strengthens the value of Canadian citizenship and protects Canada’s national security and interests.

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