Immigration Detention Review Hearings

Providing the pathway for overturning immigration detention

Immigration detention review evaluates the legal grounds of an individual's detention status, providing a pathway to challenge and potentially overturn their immigration detention.

Immigration Detentions

Immigration detentions may occur when:

  • Immigration infractions or violations
  • Absence of valid visa or permit
  • Failed refugee applications
  • Deportation orders in effect
  • Criminal activity suspicions
  • Non-compliance with immigration requirements
  • Missed immigration hearings or appointments

Immigration detention can oftentimes result from a misunderstanding or lack of awareness about complex immigration rules and regulations. The immigration system is incredibly convoluted, and applicants may face difficulties interpreting and following the precise protocols. Without professional guidance, an individual can unknowingly commit infractions such as overstaying a visa or failing to present appropriate documentation.

A common scenario leading to detention revolves around confusion over the renewal and expiration dates of visas. In some cases, an immigrant might believe they have more time left on their visa than they actually do, leading them to inadvertently overstay their welcome. This can trigger legal consequences including detention.

Similarly, misunderstanding requirements for upcoming hearings or overlook mandatory reporting appointments can also contribute to detention scenarios. Compliance with every single detail in one’s immigration status is crucial, but unfortunately for many immigrants, understanding these details isn’t always straightforward – this is where misunderstandings occur, escalating into unwelcome situations like immigration detention.

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