Work & Study Permits

Applying for a work or study permit.

There are differences between a visa and permit to work or study in Canada. The best person for figuring that out and helping with your application is a Canadian immigration lawyer. Let Joshua Slayen find out if you need a permit from your company to work in Canada, look for new employment, or how to obtain a permit to study.

Work Permit

Obtaining a Work Permit for Canada is an exciting opportunity to gain international experience and skills. We can help you make the most of your time in our country by providing expertise on all aspects related with temporary foreign workers or researchers, including getting authorization from Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC).

To hire a foreign worker, you need to make sure they are in compliance with the appropriate immigration laws. This means that if their work permit is temporary or permanent then it will undergo certain requirements depending on what kind of position and how long.

Study Permit

To get a study permit, you need to be accepted into a program of study. We can help you choose a program of study that is eligible and also help with getting work permits for you and your spouse/partner. After you finish your program of study, we can help you stay in Canada by applying for a work permit or permanent residence. There are many provincial and federal visas that allow this, so don't worry!

International students can work while they are studying in Canada. Their spouses/common-law partners can also work for any job while their spouse is studying. This type of permit is called an Open Work Permit and it allows the spouse to work for any job without restriction.

A work permit is the most common type of immigration visa, and it's specifically for temporary entrance into Canada. The difference between a Work Permit and a Visa has to do with how long you can stay in Canada on your visit. A Canadian immigration lawyer knows the best about helping with permits and applications.

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