Joshua and his team are amazing! My mom and i have been in Canada since 1998 and could not get our PR card. When i reached out to Joshua he immediately set out a game plan and executed it to a tee, I am proud to say that as of today i have my PR card and could not have done it without this team. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an honest and caring lawyer! truly the best!!


In the process of my application for family sponsorship immigration, I met some problems. Fortunately, Joshua helped me when I was in the most difficult time, which gave me a lot of confidence and courage. I know that he has many clients and cases. In fact, my case is not a big one among the clients he deals with. However, he is always very patient with me and prepares materials for me. And he always gives me very professional advice. Working with Joshua will be very reassuring, and you will always be sure that he will give 100% effort and professional competence to help you in the process. When I thought that there would be no progress or update on my case for 1-2 years, Joshua helped me submit the application, and my PR card was approved in only half a year. I believe that not every lawyer can do this, Joshua is an absolutely reliable professional lawyer!


I had the privilege of Joshua Slayen being my representative throughout my immigration process. He is honest, responsive, kind, professional and extremely knowledgeable in immigration law. If you are looking for lawyer to help you with your case, Joshua Slayen is the person!


Is there a more than 5 star option?! Joshua took my family and I under his wing, and brought us all together. He was patient, understanding, knowledgeable, and honest. There's some people you can't thank enough throughout life and he's definitely one of them. I would not recommend anyone else!


We hired Joshua Slayen to handle some matters for my son, it took sometime, but with constant communications with him, it felt as though he was only a phone call away. I will honestly say, he worked extremely hard on this matter with us and the final outcome was just so exciting. My son is here now and on his way to studying and getting all settled. Many thanks Joshua and I highly recommend your services to anyone in need.


Joshua was a true "knight in shining armor" for our family. After speaking to several lawyers in Victoria and Vancouver, we had almost lost hope that my son-in-law could immigrate from the US to Canada. But Joshua methodically worked with us through the complex immigration process--championing our quest to have my daughter and her family live close to their extended family. Should you engage Joshua as your immigration lawyer? From our family that's a resounding YES!!!


I am Canadian citizen living abroad with a foreign spouse who was extremely fortunate to have landed Joshua Slayen to lead my wife's immigration journey to Canada as an outland permanent residence applicant. I have gone through the immigration process myself as a Canadian to a different country, and in that time, dealt with dismissive or incompetent attorneys that led to unnecessary complications in my residence permit status. Joshua Slayen is not one of them and is hands-down, the single best attorney I have worked with across any capacity. He is sharp witted, hard-working, efficient, responsive, empathetic, a clear communicator, and at the end of the day, a pleasure to speak to. He went above and beyond to secure my wife's outland confirmation of permanent residence and ultimately, our collective peace of mind. Without hesitation, consult with Joshua Slayen for your and your loved ones' immigration matters. Joshua is a mensch, passionate about his work foe immigrants, and brought confidence and joy to us during what is normally a stressful and taxing life change.


As an immigration professional, when I encounter complicated issues that require creative thinking combined with skills and experience, I always turn to Joshua for advice. He always finds a way! He’s an immigration wizard!!! Highly recommended!!!


I am very glad that i visited them for my immigration case and retained them in regards to my case.. i would like to mention that Joshua is the best in town for complicated PR cases.. i contacted many lawyers and everyone said my case will never be approved and i will have to return back to my home country but he took great care of my case and finally my PR application got approved yesterday.. Big thanks to Mr. Joshua for all his help and support! I would definitely recommend him to everyone!


I had a great experience with Joshua at Larlee Rosenberg. He is very professional and thoughtful. He helped me on my PR matters. Every time I had questions, he responded very quick and gave
me his thoughts. He addressed my concerns and encouraged me a lot. Thanks Joshua!!! If you are looking for legal services, I would highly recommend him to you. He is the best!


Joshua Slayen is the most professional lawyer and most highly qualified when it comes to immigration related matters. He assisted my business associate come across the US-Canada border with very complex circumstances and he personally handled the file at the airport with CBSA staff. He far exceeded what was required but in the end he put his clients needs ahead. He truly cares for his clients and displays the highest levels of legal ethics. Overall I recommend Mr Slayen and would give him 15 stars if it was possible!!!


I've had an extremely positive experience working with Joshua Slayen, he understands the emotional stress related to Immigration challenges and is able to give reassurance and perspective in addition to sound legal advice. I appreciate Joshua's responsiveness, clarity of communication and expertise it has helped my partner and I navigate a challenging immigration situation.


Joshua Slayen has been professional, thorough, prompt, friendly, and understanding of how stressful the immigration process can be. His help has been invaluable in my partner's PR process.


I would like to take the time to thank and recommend Joshua Slayen of Larlee Rosenberg as he has been a fabulous lawyer and representative of the firm. I have retained Josh on a few legal matters especially since the start of the pandemic. His core values and high standards are unmatched. The man delivered and worked tirelessly for my family and I. Thank you very much. Do not hesitate to call upon Josh.


I had an excellent experience working with Joshua Slayen from Larlee Rosenberg. I was impressed by his ability to produce results given a set of financial, time sensitive and legal constraints. Joshua went far and beyond what I expected and always remained thoughtful, patient and prepared throughout our engagement. Immigration consulting can be stressful and having a knowledgeable and accessible lawyer is one of the best things that can happen to you. I recommend Joshua to anyone seeking an effective immigration lawyer or legal consultation.


I was very impressed with the service I received from Joshua Slayen and the team at Larlee Rosenberg. I needed assistance traveling to Canada due to a U.S. misdemeanor offense. Throughout the process they were very responsive and professional. Not only was my outcome successful and expeditious, the fees associated were well below my expectations. I would recommend them to anyone needing assistance related to Canadian immigration.


Joshua Slayen helped my Dad gain entry into Canada for an incredibly important wedding. Simply put, Joshua was absolutely spectacular throughout the entire process. His professionalism, communication, work ethic and friendliness were world class.

It would have crushed my Dad to have missed this wedding. Needless to say, we were quite nervous about this process. Joshua was very encouraging, supportive and diligent from start to finish. It's as though the Universe had matched us to the perfect attorney, as if by divine intervention.

Every stereotype of a "typical lawyer" was absolutely shattered during my experience with Joshua. Thank you, Joshua! You were a saving grace during a time of need for my family. Your efforts will never be forgotten.


I wish to highly recommend this firm from my heart core. Actually, when i came in Canada on visitor visa, i went in bad hands earlier. I donot want to mention here the name of that consultant...ops sorry Agent. This word better suits him. He just wasted my time. Then after one of my friend recommended me the name of Mr. Joshua, very efficient hand of team Larlee. He is very wise, friendly, energetic, punctual and wonderful lawyer who gives a realistic ground to our dreams and helps us to make CANADA our homeland. He values our time and always respond as quickly he could. Very reasonable fee, very responsible and quickly responsive staff. Thanks and regards


I am writing this review to share my experience with Joshua and his team, so that the people with similar situation or problem get the correct feedback to reach out to the right problem solver.

We were struggling a lot to get PR for my 2 years old innocent daughter because she was born outside Canada. My entire family was disturbed due to this. It was a very bad time for me, my kids – one in Canada and one outside, and my entire family, who were going through tremendous stress and emotional pain daily. One of my very good friends referred me to meet Joshua and took an appointment for me. This is how I came to meet him. I found him very gentle, genuine, practical, straight forward, professional and understanding. His most positive quality is that he is very dynamic. He listened to every aspect and argument of my case carefully and, explored and discussed all the possibilities to resolve the issues. He never said “no” to give his appointment and time. He was always available with his thoughts and advice at the right time.

My little daughter is now in Canada with her PR, enjoying with me and trying to get living a normal life back after 14 months of separation. A lot of thanks to Joshua and his team to put their best efforts and contribute towards reunification of my family. I would have rated for more than 5 if it could have been possible to do so..


Joshua is a fantastic immigration lawyer! He was instrumental in getting my partner her permanent residence and was a pleasure to work with through out the process. Joshua inspired confidence that the application would be successful and put my mind at ease through out the process.I would highly recommend him!


I had an awesome experience with Larlee Rosenberg. Attorney
Joshua Slayen is highly cooperative, kind and professional. I had a difficult immigration case which was dealt in the most efficient and professional manner. I am highly grateful to Larlee Rosenberg for helping me out.


I was referred to Joshua by a friend to assist me with an Spousal Open Work Permit. Since the beginning everything went so well, he answered quickly all my inquiries and he made sure we understood everything.

Being outside Canada it’s hard to trust somebody you don’t know, but we felt really confortable working with him all the time.

In my case everything turned out really good, I didn’t have any problem when I arrived to Canada and he was on call in case I needed something. So I am really happy with the result now I am Vancouver with my special someone and with a work permit.


I'm writing this review to say one BIG THANK YOU to Joshua and his team helping my daughter to get PR for my 8 year daughter under H and C case.
After meeting with multiple lawyers, we found contact info and contacted the firm. From day one the approach was, on one side, highly professional but the same time super friendly...Joshua explained to us the issues, possible solutions and together we picked and together prepared the application. Joshua and his team guided and updated us about each coming phaze of the process in timely and professional fashion. At the end, we celebrated successful end of the process and became one family with Joshua.
Please, continue with perfect work! 🙂


Joshua Slayen represented my interests in numerous legal issues. He has consistently always been available in my and my family’s time of need. Josh is very professional, empathetic and caring. It has been my sincere pleasure to have someone so passionate representing my situation.


My spouse and I were referred to Joshua by friends.
Right from the start Josh made us fell like we are THE most important clients.
He was very informative and patient, he answered all of our questions (and we had lots). We made all the decision together and we felt comfortable making them because we knew everything we needed to know.
We went to his office and he prepared us for over 2 hours.
He didn't try to beautify the situation, he told us everything we needed to know so we will be prepared for every outcome.
From his office we went to the border together.
He stayed with us at the border for over 8 hours and all that time he was very calming and very patient.
He helped us to handle the situation the best way possible and help us get even better results then we expected.


My wife and I could work now due to the advice we were able to receive from Joshua Slayen. Joshua is truly the best lawyer we consulted in regards to immigration law and his advice regarding our work permit situation has been critical to us to continue our careers here. I highly recommend him.


Joshua assisted me with a very sensitive legal matter this year and did a fantastic job. He was patient, communicative and in all ways a strong lawyer. I will not hesitate to contact Joshua again should something come up where I need the assistance of counsel.


Joshua Slayen was instrumental in helping my fiancé secure Permanent Residency. The process was smooth and pain free all because of Joshua and all others associated with Larlee Rosenberg. I would highly reccomend the services of Joshua and the offices of Larlee Rosenberg for anyone seeking advice/guidance/support with their immigration endeavours. Thanks for everything!


I connected with Joshua Slayen by chance, and I could not have been luckier. Josh went far and beyond the consultation I expected. He responded to emails within minutes even when the questions were simple; he is thoughtful with his advice - explaining every detail with patience, passion, and clarity; and he cares that his clients succeed more than completing the consultation within the hour and moving on to the next client. It’s rare to find a lawyer who is willing to engage clients without ever reaching the point of telling you what to do without making sure that you understand the details. His passion is such that even on the day he was traveling for vacation, he continued to respond to my emails from the plane, and proceeded to answer my phone call from the airport! Most lawyers would have simply stopped responding or requested that I wait until they return to the office. Adding to these qualities of thoughtfulness, patience, and willingness to help any hour of the day, is his knowledge of the immigration process and his attention to detail. I have talked to multiple lawyers and none have been as resourceful as Josh. When you are working through an immigration process, it’s important that the lawyer has the patience and knowledge to answer every question you have no matter how small. If you are looking for an excellent lawyer able to accommodate your needs while ensuring you do everything right, Josh is worth every dollar. I don't usually write reviews, but me spending the time to write this review should tell you how grateful I am with the support I received. I would recommend Josh to anyone and everyone looking for an immigration lawyer, be it a consultation or retention.


My spouse and I were referred to Joshua by a friends.
Right from the start josh josh made us fell like we are to most important clients.
He was very informative and patient, he answered all of out quotations (and we had a lot). We made all the decision together and we felt comfortable making them because we know everything we needed to know.
We went to his office and he prepared us for over 2 hours.
He didn't try to beautify the situation, he told us everything we needed to know so that we will be prepared for every outcome.
From his office we went to to border together.
He stayed with us at the border for over 8 hours and all that time he was very calming and very patient.
He helped us to handle the situation the best way possible and help us get even better results then we expected.


I could not recommend Joshua Slayen highly enough.

My wife and I worked with Joshua Slayen on multiple occasions; for working permits and subsequently for our permanent residency applications.

His advice is of the highest quality, giving a high degree of comfort on the reality of circumstances and the best course of action to proceed with.

He is extremely punctual and timely with responses and keeping agreements.

His relationship management skills are the most impressive, and likely unmatched when dealing with third parties such as employers.

I highly recommend the services and expertise of Joshua Slayen.


I work for an immigration consulting firm, whenever we run into issues we turn to Joshua Slayen, he’s hands down the best lawyer I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with!!! He takes his time to answer our questions in the most easy to understand and professional way, he’s down to earth, very nice, gives his clients the feeling their his top priority and most importantly, he’s very honest!
If anyone that is reading this review needs an immigration lawyer, DON’T THINK TWICE AND HIRE JOSHUA SLAYEN, he’s worth every penny!!!


I highly recommend Joshua Slayen, he was a pleasure to work with and extremely attentive and professional. From start to finish of the process he was thorough and covered all bases, answered any questions I had and was always available to jump on a call. Overall my experience was great, with a positive result and I cannot thank Joshua enough !


I am so grateful for this firm and Joshua Slayen! They helped me to reunite with my partner in Canada during the nonessential travel ban. Josh thoroughly prepared me for my border crossing making it a smooth and seamless process. If you need an excellent Immagration attorney with a sterling reputation work with Josh 🙌🏼


I have been working with Josh Slayen for several years. He has always provided the best service and has extensive knowledge about his industry. I always recommend Josh to my network and they always are happy with him. Highly recommended !


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Joshua Slayen is a Vancouver immigration lawyer with several years of experience helping people immigrate to Canada. Called to the bar in 2009, he’s helped hundreds of people from all walks of life and he can help you too! His services are affordable and effective, so don’t hesitate – contact him and his team today for a consultation that could change your life.