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The journey towards reuniting and building a life with your family in Canada can often be challenging, given the complexities associated with immigration laws. As one of the top Canadian immigration lawyer specializing in family sponsorship, we are here to provide an intricate understanding of how we can help you navigate this often-demanding process. Let’s break down this all-important topic into digestible chunks, underlining what family sponsorship is, how it works and more importantly, our role in ensuring you successfully navigate this course unscathed.

Understanding Family Sponsorship

Family Sponsorship is a program introduced by the Canadian government to promote family reunion on its soil. It allows an eligible Canadian citizen or permanent resident aged at least 18 years old to sponsor certain relatives to come to Canada as permanent residents. Such relatives may include spouses or common-law partners, dependent children, parents and grandparents.

Case Study Illustration

To elucidate how complex the process can be, consider the case of Mr. A who resides in Canada and desires his wife from home country B to join him. The entire application process may take more than a year to complete and even longer if problems arise along the way such as incomplete documentation or delays in processing due to backlog at immigration offices.

Our Role

Our primary role as your trusted legal guide begins with assessing your eligibility. Not only does the sponsor need to meet certain criteria but also the relative being sponsored. For instance, relationships such as siblings or nephews/niece cannot be sponsored through family class but have other possible pathways like provinces’ immigration programs.

Prime among our services is guidance on preparing exceptional comprehensive applications that meet all Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) specifications leaving no room for error which could lead to unwanted delays or worst-case scenario – rejection.

Beyond document compilation & submission , our job includes staying on top of your entire application journey all the way to its successful conclusion. This involves efficient communication with Canadian immigration authorities on behalf of our clients and supplying additional documentation as demanded by the IRCC.

Moreover, we help in preparing our clients for interviews where a sponsor or sponsored person is required to attend. Our extensive experience and familiarity with this program allow us to anticipate potential questions and guide you towards providing compelling answers that will further bolster your case.

Case Study: Successful Family Sponsorship

One instance reflects the story of Mrs. X from Vancouver who wished to bring her parents over from their home country. She approached us unsure about the process given its notorious reputation for being lengthy and fraught with difficulties. On our end, we weeded through her documents, assisted her in filling out a robust application – making sure all forms were filled correctly & supported by all necessary documents – and ensured timely submission.  During the waiting period, we kept her updated regularly on her file’s progress and quickly attended to requests made by immigration officers working on her case.

Lastly, in a scenario where unfortunately an application is refused, we can also assist in understanding why it was denied, reapplying or exploring the option of filing for judicial review before the federal court dependant upon the reason for denial.

Let Us Help

With such complexities surrounding family sponsorship programs, securing legal assistance certainly helps. Our team focuses specifically on this area along with others related to Canadian immigration helping smooth over challenges that may unexpectedly present themselves. Not just document submission agents – our role as a Canadian immigration lawyer is so much more – advocates, proxies, aiders – simplifying legal jargon into understandable information, optimistically guiding you closer to family reunion against what can sometimes appear as insurmountable odds.  Achieving family reunification isn’t easy under current immigration regulations but it’s not impossible either when you have seasoned legal professionals guiding you throughout.  We can help, contact us today.

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