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As the old saying goes, there are no small roles, just small actors. The same could be said for lawyers and legal specialists. Regardless of how insignificant a given role may seem, it’s the specialist who stands to make a world of difference – assuming they’re an expert in that field. A Vancouver immigration lawyer would be one such example of this principle in action. While most general practice attorneys can assist you with your immigration needs, a specialist would have a deeper understanding of all things immigration-related within Canada. Moreover, their expertise would allow them to navigate the labyrinthine processes that are related to immigrating to or from Canada more smoothly than a generalist attorney. Given that immigration law is both niche and complex, here are four reasons why you might need a Vancouver immigration lawyer:

Your immigration plans are contingent on a successful visa application.

Visa applications are essentially a request for permission to enter or remain in Canada. Normally, the visitor would be granted a visa for a specified period of time in which they’re expected to leave the country again at the conclusion. In other words, a Vancouver immigration lawyer could help you apply for an appropriate visa so that you can visit Canada as long as required. Vancouver Immigration lawyers can assist you with most forms of visitor visas, including:

Business visitors – You’ll want to apply for this visa if you’re coming to Canada to take part in business negotiations, attend a conference, or give a business presentation.

Convention organizers – If you’re coming to Canada to take part in a convention, you’ll need this visa.

Cultural exchange – If you’re coming to share your art, music, knowledge, or skills, this is the visa you’ll need.

You’re facing deportation and want to fight back.

While deportation is a last resort, the authorities may consider deporting someone who has overstayed their visa and/or is living in the country illegally. In such a situation, deportation could be imminent unless you can convince the authorities to let you stay. A Vancouver immigration lawyer could help you fight deportation on the basis that you’re a lawful permanent resident, or that you were innocent (e.g. you were the victim of a crime). Here are some other reasons you might fight back against deportation: you’re a refugee, you have a special skill, or you have a family member who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. If you’re facing deportation, talk to a Vancouver immigration lawyer as soon as possible.

You want to become a Canadian citizen.

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a lofty goal, and it’s relatively straightforward. However, you’ll need to meet certain criteria before you can apply for Canadian citizenship. A Vancouver immigration lawyer could help you navigate these criteria and ensure your application is successful. Here are some of the things that you’d need to prove before you can apply for Canadian citizenship: you’ve been living in Canada for at least three years, you have a clean criminal record, and you have enough money to support yourself and your family. If you meet these criteria, you can apply for Canadian citizenship through the standard process.

You’d like to sponsor your family to immigrate.

Sponsoring a family member to immigrate to Canada is a noble and generous act, but it’s also a complicated, time-consuming, and costly process. A Vancouver immigration lawyer, on the other hand, knows the ins and outs of this process. As a result, they can help make your family member’s immigration a reality. Here are some of the things you’ll need to prove before you can sponsor your family member: you have permanent resident status, you can financially support your family member for three years, you have a clean criminal record, and your family member is not inadmissible (e.g. they don’t have a serious health condition). If you meet these criteria, you can sponsor your family member’s immigration to Canada.

Bottom line

Immigration law is complex and ever-changing. As such, it’s important to consult a Vancouver immigration lawyer who is well-versed in the latest developments in immigration-related laws and policies. The best way to make sure you’re on the right track is to hire a Vancouver immigration lawyer.

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