Canadian immigration sponsorship.

If you're a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and at least 18 years old, then it's possible for your loved ones abroad to come live within Canada. All they need is an application from their sponsor!

Citizenship Requirements

Eligible people may sponsor their:

  • Your Spouse or Common Law Partner
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Dependent Child
  • Relative & Orphaned Relatives

The immigration process can take up to a year. This time period includes the ‘pre-processing’ that occurs before you apply for permanent residence, and then another 3-5 months after that until you actually receive permanent residence.

Some of the steps may vary depending on whether your spouse/common law partner is immigrating with you. It’s important that you understand the immigration process so speaking to an immigration lawyer is critical and will help the process become smoother and more affordable in the end.

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